The Chosen -new Christian series

Hello! Recently, me and my family have been watching a new series called The Chosen. It’s about the life of Jesus. It came out a few months ago, and let me tell you, wow! It’s amazing. The way the characters get protained, it all seems so real. If you are interested in these sort of things, I totally recommend it! Trust me.

And not only that, but its for free! You can watch the full season 1 in YouTube here so you don’t have to go anywhere:

At the beginning and at the end, the director talks about the episode. You can skip if you wanna. At the end they sometimes interview the actor that portray some of the main characters, too. The reason why it is like that is because they were live streamed. But you can still watch them.

Here are the rest of the episodes of season 1:

Season 2 will be coming out soon. I hope you enjoy!

You can go to their channel and watch some behind the scenes, too!

Click here to go to their channel.

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